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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Giriraja Suta not Sudha

Returning back to blogging after a 13 month hiatus. First, errata.

I noticed that quite a few folks were deceived by the cover of the Remember Shakti album, 'Saturday Night in Bombay'.

It is Giriraja Suta Tanaya Sadaya, which means, son of the daughter of the mountains. In other words, Thyagaraja has composed a song on Ganesha, son of Parvati -the daughter of Himavan.

The chap who wrote the album cover of "Saturday Night in Bombay" probably got his info from the atrocious pronunciation of Shankar Mahadevan.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks so much friend
this confusion has been going on in my mind too ..sudha means amrit :P
and how can it be himalyas amrit !!!
thanks again
you can have a look at my blog at


1:13 PM  
Anonymous Goutam said...

Yes its Giriraaja Sutaa not sudha...I appreciate for the initiative taken to correct. Thank you very much!!

6:45 AM  

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