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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How to set this year's BE quiz

In response to Kiruba's question, here's an old post of mine on quiznet dated Nov 11, 1999.
This was created by a well respected veteran quizzer from the Calcutta/Bangalore circuit in October and circulated privately. By popular demand from Bangalore quiznetters, I'm putting it on the list. An aside, Bangalorians counted at least 4 kitchens yesterday. Cheers!


Start with the score of the latest One Day Match between India and _____. Talk about how wonderful the people of this city/town/village are.

a) what colour is the executive class boarding card on Indian airlines or what is the frequent flyer programme of ..... (replace with any airline) called?

b) which dept do you call if you need fresh sheets (replace "fresh sheets" with flowers/champagne etc etc to get 15 other questions) in your hotel-bed

c) what is the new restaurant at ...... (replace with any high class hotel in your city) called?

d) what is the inflight magazine of .... (replace with any of the hundred odd airlines u know of) called?

e) who wrote ,........... (replace with the name of that expensive book that u saw in the airport bookshop whose blurb u read but had no money or inclination to buy)

f) show an ad ....any ad ....ask for

i) the adventure sport depicted
ii) the colour of .....(whatever object appears in the ad)
iii) how long the commercial is (he actually did this once)
iv) what is wrong with this ad
v) any other question that the hotel bell-boy (..sorry your wife) can come up with

g) who's sponsored the latest music album release of ....( Daler Mehndi, Anaiada or whatever....don't bother buying the cassette, just visit the local paan-walla for this)

h) take 3 questions from quiznet

i) two questions on underclothes - especially women's underclothes

j) a question on a brand which is direct competition to the sponser (gives QM an opportunity to say "Videocon???????? In a BPL sponsored quiz..ha, ha, ha)

k) insert one curry from the most famous kitchen in Calcutta. Example: What in internet parlance is known as ______(any verb/adjective that comes to mind during that moment)



Blogger Deepa Krishnan said...

Ha! I love this post. By the way, what is Bhrigu's question? I've now read 20 of your posts, and still can't find the answer. As far as I can tell, the only question he ever asked was which of the great gods - shiva / vishnu / brahma was superior. Which doesn't make any sense as the title of a blog.

I remain,



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