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Monday, June 13, 2005


Muhammad Shah "Rangila" (1719-1748) was a debaucher. He was so in love with music and other pleasures of life that he forgot that he was supposed to rule a kingdom. His neglect made Delhi a prime target for Nadir Shah's invasion. The barbarian rode off with the Kohinoor and the Peacock throne. Anyway, even if those things do not survive in India, some of the court gems of Rangila left us with memorable bandishes. We already discussed "Albela sajan aayo ri" by Bhupat Khan (Manrang) . This is by his brother Feroz Khan (Adarang). The bandish is:
Aaj more ghar aaila balmaa
karoongi Adarang son rang raliyaan

atara aragajaa sugandha basana peharu phoolavana
seja bichaaooN chuna chuna kaliyaaN
aragajaa: A perfume of a yellowish colour compounded of several scented ingredients

sej-bichaaon = to make a bed
Listen to Ustad Amir Khan's rendition of that bandish here. Yes, Trilok Gurtu did a fusion version of this in Usfret.


Blogger Anish Shah said...

hi,i admire ur knowledge.babul mora by k.l saigal is my personal favourite....its superb.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Sikh Chef said...

Can you post the lyrics to this bandish....

8:47 AM  

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