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Friday, July 22, 2005

On Social Dynamics

Most older residents of Bangalore have seen the changing face of the city. Bangalore became different in the late 70s and 80s with the influx of students from other states. The fact is that these students, especially from a certain North Indian state, were far away from home, had access to liquor, saw the relative free movement of women and consequently, could not control their repressed selves. Matters became so bad that engineering colleges places ads calling for admissions with a blunt note; “Students from _______ state need not apply.” Sadly, it was quite late in the game. The damage was done. The culture had spilled over to other students, including locals. The genie was truly out of the bottle and could not be pushed back.

No, that is not a Shiv-Senaesque generalization. And no, I shall not be politically correct. I have seen in my engineering college hostels, that students from certain states ragged/abused the juniors from their states very badly. Perhaps, there is an underlying class/caste/religious undertone to their behavior.

I do not think that differences in education and in matriarchal-patriarchal societies are sufficient answers. I've seen the very same behavior by some students from Kerala. The causal factors for these behaviors may be quite complex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Bihar!
Well, you may want to have a look at for some such issues

1:28 AM  
Anonymous guitarcase said...

yes, but you have to go there to see the state at its worst, people get killed on the streets in broad daylight, there is no sense of security at all, just every possible kind of abuse lurking in the air..

2:08 PM  

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