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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Quiz: Raj Kapoor

There is an excellent article from the archives of Studio Systems on Raj Kapoor.
If Raj Kapoor had not been a filmmaker he would have been an excellent composer and a good singer as well. He proved his ability as a singer early in his career, when he sang 'Hum babu naye nirale hain'(Music: Ram Ganguli/N 2666 1) in Prithvi Theaters' stage-play ' 'Deevar '. He displayed an admirable sense of Theatres' stage-play 'Deevar'. He displayed an admirable sense of rhythm and melody in the song. With a little more effort he could have been a successful singer. He also sang in'Chitod Vijay' (1947/S D Burman)'Jail Yatra' (1947, Ninu Majumdar),'Dil Ki Rani'(1947/S D Burman),Neel Kamal'(1947/B Vasudeo) and 'Gopinath'(1 948/Ninu Maiumdar/record not released).Eventually Raj preferred the sonorous voice of Mukesh from 'Aag'('Zinda hoon is tarahki ghame'/ 1948) to'Mera Naam Joker' ('Jane kahan gaye woh din'/1970)
Listen to Raj Kapoor sing a song in the 1948 film 'Gopinath'. Gopinath also featured a Surdas bhajan Aai Gori Radhika rendered by Meena Kapur. Yes, the tune was used by Raj Kapoor in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. The original music was composed by Ninu Mazumdar. Once again we return to Mr. Nalin Shah for more info.

The tiff between Raj and Laxmikant took place at the Mehboob recording studio. A poet who was once close to Raj Kapoor and who was a witness to the incident, told me, that R K expressed his annoyance to Laxmikant for not according priority to a R K film. Laxmikant had replied that unlike Shanker-Jaikishan they were under no obligation to look after R K films at the cost of other producers. Raj Kapoor was piqued. He needed a composer who was not only competent but also had a sense of
belonging to the R K banner. His search for such a music director ended with Ravindra Jain.

When I asked Laxmikant about the unpleasant incident he denied it. But I did not put much credence to his denial because he also had denied that they ever accepted Raj Kapoor's suggestions while composing music. When asked about the song 'Yashomati maiya se bole Nandalala', he had said that it was he who had sung it to Raj Kapoor on telephone. The fact is it was Raj Kapoor who had insisted on. retaining the notations of 'Aal gorl Radhike Brij men bal khati' (from his own starrer 'Gopinath' 1948) for 'Yashomati maiya se'. Raj did it withoutcompunction, nor did he care to hide the fact.

A year ago while in a private concert the host introduced singer Kaumudi Munshi to Raj Kapoor. When told that she was the wife of Ninu Majumdar (music director of ' Gopinath') he teasingly asked her if sheremembered 'Aai gori Radhike'.

Then he told the gathering how he was inspired to use the 'Gopinath' tune for 'Yashomati maiya se 'In 'Satyam Shivam Sunderam'.

Notwithstanding Raj Kapoor being' the most musical producer' they ever encountered, Laxmi-Pyare resented his constant 'Interference' in the matter of music.
Use the audio clips in a quiz!


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