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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Corruption Perception Index (2005)

India is at #88 in Transperancy International's Corruption Perception Index along with Gabon, Iran, Mali, Moldova, Tanzania, Bosnia, Benin, and Armenia. We're more than a point below the global average and around 2 points below the regional average.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we contribute in this cause?

Here are some very basic stuff that I follow:

(a) Never smuggle anything from overseas - knowingly or unknowingly. Of course, no bribing the officials;

(b) Pick your own baggage as you would do here and not ask a "coolie" who demands $$, thus, not spoiling his habits;

(c) Wait in line for everything like a "true" Indian, including buying cinema tickets in black or bribing somebody for getting a favor done;

(d) Of course, do not send any money illegally.

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