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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Quiz for Kids - Identify the theme

Here's a quiz for children. They are allowed to google. Adults can try 'em too. Please post your replies in the comments section.

1. Someone who does not eat meat. (10)
Ans. Vegetarian

2. This primate has an exposed butt and is often found near lions in Africa. It stays on the ground and does not reside in trees. The name of this primate rhymes with the rocky animal in the famous Beatle song. (6)
Ans. Baboon

3. In US Congress, it is an attempt to obstruct a particular decision from being taken by using up the time available, typically through an extremely long speech. The first four letters of this word sounds like a female racing horse that is less than five years old. (10)
Ans. Filibuster

4. This term defines a rude, obnoxious car driver who does not give way. Quite a street swine, huh? (4-3)
Ans. Road-hog

5. This is a arthropod (like crabs and lobsters) that keeps latching on to ships and whales. You must’ve seen these whitish things and assumed that they were rotten blisters on the whale. The first four letters is also the word for a place where grain is stored. (8)
Ans. Barnacle

6. This is a tropical cyclone whose name originates from the Arab-Urdu-Hindi word for storm. It is the name given to the storms in the Taiwan-Japan area. (7)
Ans. Typhoon from Tufan

7. In Turkish, it means “without a leader”. It was a disparaging term used for freelance Soldiers. The word is in two parts (5-6). The first four letters of the first word means “to hit” and rhymes with the famous TV serial set during the Korean War. The first three letters of the second word is the first name of the director of the film ‘Moulin Rouge’.
Ans. Bashi-Bazouk

8. This nine (9) letter word is a form of Islamic art. The first four letters stand for the generic name for a people of North Africa and the Persian Gulf. The next three letters are the short form written as a suffix to a gentleman’s name – especially one who owns a country estate.
Ans. Arabesque

9. Name of a small arthropod. The first five letters could describe a scale of length in the metric system, slightly less than an inch! (9)
Ans. Centipede

10. The original term referred to a person who damaged sacred figures, idols and paintings. Now, it means, a person who does not respect authority. The first four letters of this word is a synonym for statue and also the name of a (differently spelt) Ford car. (10)
Ans. Iconoclast

The 10 answers above comprise a theme from a much loved work of fiction. What theme?
Ans. All are swear words of Captain Haddock in Tintin comics.


Anonymous Chetan said...

That was a good one. Had fun solving while watching the match. The clues were very helpful. Thanks. Had to use google for four of them. But you had ensured that it was tough to find the answers. Barnacles for me was the giveaway regarding the theme. It became easier after that as I knew where to focus my memory. Also 'anthro'would mean related to man as in anthropoid. The word should have been arthropod and not anthropod.

4)Road Hog
7)Bashi Bazouk

Theme: Captian Haddock from the comic Tintin's vocabulary.

2:30 AM  
Blogger Quizman said...

Thanks, Chetan. I have corrected the mistake now. You got everything right. These are indeed Cap'n Haddock's curses.

8:26 AM  

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