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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Naipaul interview

Read the full thing.
Which writers would you say particularly fall into this Englishness?

Hardy. An unbearable writer.


He can't write. He doesn't know how to compose a paragraph, no gift of narrative. I would say that the Romantic feminine fiction has that quality.

Even the great ones? Jane Austen?

What trouble I have with Jane Austen! Jane Austen is for those people who wish to be educated in English manners. If that isn't part of your mission, you don't know what to do with this material.
There was a conference at Bath a few years ago and I was invited. I was a very bad conference guest - I didn't say a word. But they gave me a copy of Jane Austen's novel set in Bath - Northanger Abbey. In my recent illness I've been looking at books I haven't read before so I picked it up.

I thought halfway through the book, Here am I, a grown man reading about this terrible vapid woman and her so-called love life - she calls it 'love', having seen this fellow once. I said to myself, What am I doing with this material? This is for somebody else, really. It's for someone down the road, not for me.


Blogger Akash said...

I agree with his arguments on some issues as much as I do the opposite on the others. I make my thumbs up when he says that those who suffer are instinctively inclined to boast. Yes, I also adore Ruskin Bond much the same way Naipaul does. That very person confuses me with his aggressive and pathological hate for the Muslim world.

3:03 AM  
Blogger Suhail said...

hello boye, tis not fair. You are chickening out..where's the all too important, 'blogger's personal voice' in all this. Damn it, I need the blogger's voice :-))

Nice find this and the prevs. quiz too. Didn't know the connection between cipher-sifar. That was good.


5:40 PM  
Blogger Quizman said...

Akash: I don't think he hates the Muslim world. I've always found it fascinating that he spends time with Muslims (staying at their homes, for e.g. in 'Beyond Belief') and then being objective. He has also married a Pakistani Muslim. Most of what he says has turned out to be true. I do think we ought to differentiate between dislike of Islamists vs hatred of Muslims. [Similarly, I don't like the Shiv Sena one bit, but I am a proud Hindu]

Suhail: Sadly, I haven't read much of Henry James. I want to read him since Azar Nafisi spends quite a bit of time on him. Which is why I didn't comment much. :-)

Thanks for the interest in the quiz

10:34 PM  
Blogger Suhail said...

Neither have I :-) I was kidding. It's more fun watching the fight from the sidelines.

And you've put the ___ vs ___ issue well, even if I think Naipaul falls more in the 2nd category based on some of his loose ramblings I've read (and Mahmood Farooqui's delicious rebuttal in Tehelka last year, if you've read it, confirmed the same in an academic way). Whatever, am not here to discuss all that. But I do concede the man is not your avg run-of-the-mill hate types. He is what I call a "pecial laddooo" :p.

{btw, you misunderstood my prevs query in email, I think(?). Tonight I'll send a shorter and to the point email, without any ps'es. I need that info before leaving for Bharatmaata come month-end :-) Yr quick reply will be much appreciated. Gracias Amigos!}

12:22 PM  
Blogger Akash said...

@quizman: Thanks for expressing your views on Naipaul even though they don't apparently agree with mine. Frankly, my acquaintance with Naipaul's works is only limited to some scattered comments by and on him found helter-skelter around the Web. I would definitely try to go through some of the writings by Naipaul in the original to put to rest my confusion which I described in the earlier comment.

3:50 PM  

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