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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My ideal job - Women's beach volleyball referee

My wife and I have been having this ongoing argument about the Olympics. She considers beach volleyball sexist since the men get to wear shorts and tank tops, while the women wear almost nothing. [My counter argument is that women get to see a lot of eye candy in the men's diving competiton, where the women wear one piece suits and the mean wear not much except sweat.]

Anyway, I checked the rules of Beach Volleyball. It appears that there is a rule concerning the *maximum* amount of clothing that women participants can wear.The rule states that "women's uniform bottoms have to be two and a half inches wide on the sides."

I also checked the website of the FIVB for rules concerning the names of the players and found this:

"Sanctions will apply in case the team name of a men player does not appear on his shorts, while it is only recommended, due to the limited space, to feature the same information on the women's bottom during the 2008 season. Therefore, the FIVB will not fine any women athletes for not placing their names on the bottom of their uniforms in 2008,"
My first question is this one: How the heck do they enforce these rules? I can picture a guy going around with a measuring tape and saying; "Now then, young lady" and measuring the clothing around all vital areas below her navel.

My second question is this: "Are they hiring?"